To unite the world without cost, with health and love

To unite the world without cost, with health and love

45 years ago my father went to a contest for the construction industry in Quito Ecuador and proposed to make training institutes for the workers of that industry in each nation. His proposal was accepted, and he made that institute for Mexico, which served for all the countries that attended that contest.

In the image of the site you can download the books He made to create that institute

We can say that the value of life is the Cosmos. The Cosmos created to be able to exist the life. Let us invite each nation to have Peace, demonstrating its gratitude to «Who gave us life,» and fostering the universal values of Humanity. My father made the book «Sacred Coincidences,» and in Spanish «Sagradas Coincidencias» which can be downloaded without cost from the Internet or purchased at, This book helps to know and have the universal values of Mankind. You may download free these books, print and sell. Profits all yours.

Let’s send this gift to all nations. It can be copied and translated at no cost into the language of the country that does so.

Sincerely, with love.

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