​Trying to understand love

​Trying to understand love

Analucia Garza


Trying to understand love

What is like to be in love? Have you ever been in love? Well we all know or have the idea of what is like to be in love… But do we succeed? or do we fail? And how do you know that is the perfect person for you? In this book I will give you the idea of the answer to that questions, because the answer you have to find it for yourself. Everyone has their own definition of love. First of all, before “loving” someone else, you have to learn to love yourself. You should realize nobody is perfect, not even your crush, we all have defects and you have to learn from them and of course accept them because it is the only way you are going to feel that everything is okay with you and it is another way of growing up. So in order to love someone you first have to love you, feel happy with yourself and don’t ever let someone or something changer your mind because you don’t have to change the way you are to like people, they should like you for who you are and not for what you have because money, clothes, cell phones, they have and ending, but your personality does not have.

Sometimes is hard to accept ourselves because we are afraid, afraid of what people could say and this happens very often, I have to admit it, i have been scared of what people could say and sometimes i have lost friends just because i was scared. So another advice don’t be scared, i know sometimes its hard but if it does not scares you enough then this means it’s not big enough. You should find a way to get over your fears.

We as people have to defeat this fear of doing things,we should just simply be who we are, not expecting anything from others, we shouldn’t care of what people have to say because they are always going to talk, just let people talk and you be you. You have to learn this before loving somebody else. You are perfect the way you are. Love is a force of nature, something we cannot control, so this book is not going to tell you how to manipulate love because you cannot control it, love is bigger than you, than me, than all of us, you can “invite love” but you cannot tell how, when and with who, this just happens, but you have to feel comfortable with yourself so you will always have high expectations and don’t settle for whatever. The love experience is unique in every person’s life, but be careful because your happiness should not depend of love, you make your own happiness, you don’t depend on someone else to be happy, it sounds creepy but you should trust no one, in order to have a good relationship, you should be a mentally strong people, get rid of toxic people they make you life harder and stressful. In order to make a relationship to work you should set boundaries, control yourself, don’t let emotions lead your way, sometimes it’s okay but first you have to think of all the possible consequences because sometimes our emotions are confused and they doesn’t let us think clearly. Another thing we have to learn is that not everything is going to be nice, there will be falls, some stronger than others but you should always look the way up by YOURSELF, sometimes toxic people enter to your life, but you know, its okay, sometimes you have to learn how not to be from other people, it is very important to do what’s best for you, whether the people approve it or not, it is you life, only you know what is good for you. To love a person you is to see all of their magic, feel them even when they are far from you, careful about falling in love because you should fell in love of someone who wants you, who waits for you, someone that understands you even when nobody does, someone that helps you, guides you, someone you can call backup, your hope, do not fall in love only with a body or face or even the idea of being in love. Sometimes we fall in love of someone who just doesn’t loves you back, and it’s hard to get over them, because they mean the world to you, and you don’t mean anything at all and careful because they could try to manipulate you, don’t fall for sweet words, fall from sweet efforts, this is one type of love, but there are many types of love, for example your mom: she loves you, but she doesn’t want to marry you… you know what i mean? Or for example you and your best friend, am sure you love her or him but you are not in love of them. Well, first we are going to talk about being in love.

Love is a hard word, and it could have many meanings, you can give love the meaning you want but there are some basic concepts you should know. Want my advice… do not fall in love… just kidding, love is a wonderful word that could make you happy or sad, it is up to you. Love is weird but you should be careful, you don’t play with it because it comes when you less expect it and it comes in many ways, sometimes is strong, sometimes weak but love is never gone love is always there, love depends on each person, now have you ever been in love of someone who doesn’t love you back? Love must be mutual, because if it’s not like that you can hurt yourself a lot and even those around you or even worst you can get depression, but that’s why you should be a mentally strong people, to avoid this kind of troubles. Depression is common, this illness affects the way you act, the way you feel and the way you think, depression caused by love is something we can change, am not saying go ahead and give love to everyone but go ahead and give love to those who deserve it. Be a nice person because remember it could happen to you too, try to have lots of patience with people, i know sometimes people can be very stressful, but anyway you have to love with them, try to understand their situation and remember to think before you act and do not let emotions control you. Think straight and clearly, check the consequences of your acts.And realize you don’t need anybody to be happy, you can be happy by your own and try not to depend on anybody because somehow people is going to let you down and you’re going to be so sad that you’re not going to know what to do.Sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re alone but you’re never actually alone you will always have people around you to support you, it could be your best friend, your parents or someone who cares about you but someone who really cares about you, about your happiness. We are teenagers sometimes we can mess up things, bad, really bad, but sometimes messing up things is a way to learn. It’s a hard way to learn and it’s not always best to learn to learn but sometimes it’s just what we need. also you have to learn that sometimes you’re going to lose people, people that maybe they used to mean a lot to you add now they don’t because they left you down destroys your heart I’m telling you everything happens for a reason losing someone is not the worst thing that could happen to you, you should get it over it. Don’t get stuck with people, you don’t know when are they going to let you down.

Also try not to get confused with feelings, don’t mess up a friendship, please do not confuse love for friendship. You should be with someone that cares about you, and he or she shows interest in your dreams, and cares that you stay happy, a person is not going to make you happy, you have to be happy for you, for being alive and when someone comes, that person is going to make you “extra” happy and if somehow, she or he goes you are going to still being happy. I can’t actually tell you what is love, i have not found it yet and right now i am not planning to because i want to concentrate to me and I think you should too. And it’s okay because after all the most important things are your dreams. There is a tip i want to show you, take a paper, a notebook or in your phone write down what worries you, the most important thing you you right now, what would you like to do when you grow up.

And I’m not only talking about having a girlfriend or boyfriend actually talking about friends too, because maybe they mean the world to you but I don’t feel the same way about you when this happens you have to learn How to get over it because people are in a complete change. So coming back to love, why do we feel love? Love is actually a reaction in our brain and hormones, the brain produces more serotonin, which gives a sense of well-being, more endorphins, which are natural pain killers, and more dopamine, which increases pleasure. This is literally being in love. So? is love real? or it is just a simple reaction?. I personally think love is a reaction I do agree but is there something else? Of course all of our feelings are reactions but are they not our feelings just because they are reactions in our brain? Happiness is a reaction too but we love being happy, don’t we? Well love is something wonderful, or something. Go out and find your definition of love.

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