The Universe inside you

The Universe inside you



«We are stardust» an astronomer once stated…

It is exceendingly incredible for me knowing that the deoxyribonucleic

acid (DNA) is composed by the same elements whose integrate stars in outer space,

That means, the biological molecule that contains  all hereditary information of ALL living beings is generated by equal substances that the stars contain inside,

Elementally, we have lots of common aspects with galaxies, planets, meteorotes, supernovae

and the whole universal cosmos: the iron in our erytrocites, the calcium

in teeth, the nitrogen, oxigen and carbon within our bodies,

We have the whole universal history inside us for millions of millions of

years, we restrain an infinity of universes to discover and astros to explore,

Is not a lie confirm that we are dust, crumbs, particles of ancest stars whose living to dream and create.

We are the universe thinking to itself..


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